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Welcome to Wingdon Books!

Whether you are an author, looking for someone to come alongside you as you seek to share your story with the world, or a reader, looking to find fresh content that will challenge, transform and entertain, you have found the right place.

We invite you, as a reader, to browse our ever-growing, collection of books, and, as an author, to share your stories with us.

Check out our available books, and come back regularly, as we have several new stories coming out soon.

We are looking for aspiring authors, in multiple genres, who have transformative tales to tell. Whether you are an author of novels, short stories, children's books, poetry, or inspirational non-fiction, we would love to talk with you! We are also interested in authors looking to showcase their short works or contribute serial novels as part of a subscription program. 

We are especially interested in helping brand new authors and child authors/illustrators, as we believe that "everyone has a story to tell." 

If you are an author interested in joining us, fill out our Submissions form, and we will get back to you.

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Wingdon Books, a division of Wingdon, LLC, is a small, independent, family run publisher with the philosophy that stories have the unique ability to transport and transform you in a way no other medium can. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and while that story may look and sound different for everyone, each has its own lesson to convey, everyone can learn something from every story, and every story has the capability to bring joy and growth into your life.

Est. 2022