A Single Train of Thought

Isaac loves model trains, and he wants to share his excitement and knowledge with his friends at school. He runs into problems, however, when he tries to convince the school principal to let him start a model train club. His friends aren't interested in joining his club, and the principal doesn't have the time or budget to even think about his idea. To make matters worse, Isaac isn't even invited to share his idea at a school community event organized to introduce students to clubs and activities in their town. Starting a model train club looks hopeless, but Isaac is in for a big surprise. 

Talent Show Turmoil

Joanie enjoys singing and dancing, as well as helping her many friends, but when the school talent show is announced, she realizes she can’t do it all. Somewhere between a princess birthday party, exploding glitter balloons, and gymnastics, Joanie has to put her thinking cap on and make some difficult choices that could change her friendships forever.

Arianna's Amazing Wish:
Book 1 The Arianna Series

Arianna is a young girl with a huge and colorful imagination. She spends her days with Imaginary friends and playing Pretend with Goddie, her Godmother. 

Arianna and Goddie are both in for a surprise, however, when one of Arianna’s wishes, amazingly, comes true, and Arianna learns an important lesson that the grass is not always greener on the other side (in this case it is white), and it is better to be content with what you have than to constantly wish for something different.

Rocks will cry: An Easter Story

In this imaginative retelling of the Easter story, Abbi, an Easter bunny, hears the tale of the death and resurrection of Jesus from the perspective of a rock named Nate.

Drawing inspiration from Jesus' words in Luke 19:40, Rocks Will Cry, describes the gospel account of Easter as if the rocks really were the ones telling the story.

This is a perfect, short story, to read either alone or as a family and think about the events of the Christian holiday in a new way.

Framed in the backdrop of an excited bunny delivering Easter joy, Rocks Will Cry also provides the perfect Easter craft/decoration to do with your kids to continue thinking about, enjoying and remembering the story far after you finish the book.